Image of Japanese Drink Vending Machine Sticker

Japanese Drink Vending Machine Sticker

$2.00 - $2.25

This little vending machine sticker isn't actually little at all! At 3.5 inches tall, it's actually the largest sticker I create!

Each sticker is hand cut with love and care, making each sticker slightly unique!
Due to photo discrepancies, colour of actual product may differ slightly from photos.

When Choosing your stickers, make sure to pick either Standard or Weatherproof. Please see sticker types below to figure out which is best for you!

Sticker Types:
- Standard Matte removable sticker paper, perfect for putting in journals and notebooks, or surfaces that you may want to remove it from later.
- Weatherproof matte material for surfaces that may encounter more moisture, such as a laptop or iPad case. These also have more vibrant colours! *Please note that weatherproof does NOT mean waterproof, these are still just paper stickers. Don't place anywhere that encounters rubbing often such as a phone case!

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